The Finesse Guide To Music Industry Connections

3x Your Music Network In 10 Months

Master Music Networking Online: The Finesse Guide To Music Industry Connections

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MMN Is Already Changing Careers

Producedbykin, Producer

Since reading the guide I have managed to build my relationships further and jump on many oppurtunities that I didnt even know I had access to. I have been building up a nice little list of placements (bodega bamz, sirah, wifisfuneral, and many others) as well as making significant progress in making more constant sales as a online beatmaker.

Markus Scott, Rapper

I got the personal phone number from Mama Kim from Love & Hip Hop NY and we talk on the regular. Also received DJ Bobby Trends phone number from Hot 97 and working out some arrangements to be a intern or assist him in any ways. I made multiple connections in the industry from the low key movers and shakers.

Biddl3, Rapper  

I got in contact with a person close to Illmind, a prominent producer. 

Kid Kazarie, Rapper  

I got in contact with a songwriter who was inducted into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame.(I've had 2 conversations with him using MMN email hacks)  

I was able to get a custom beat made by a producer I met through soundcloud. Aside from that I have continued to engage with people in a similar fashion and have met a few other producers from my area and state that way.

Other Reviews

I have become the go to for all things Hip Hop in my college town. Anyone wants a feature? Me. Anyone wants help recording projects? Me. Anyone need advice? Me. The book has done wonders for me. ~Billy Shaw

I love the video examples. BrandMan gave legitimate exclusive content and you walked through everything step by step. ~Marcus Banks

Very effective at SXSW 2018. Plus, I started making big gains with Instagram. ~Lawrence Tran 

My biggest thing that I needed to change was mindset. I realized over time 2 very important things.... communication is a 2 way street..... and I need to have empathy for their time and what they were doing. ~ProducedbyKin

I love that these are simple tactics you could apply right away ~JAC Frizza

I was able to contact people I never thought I could! ~Kimaree

Very helpful in making new connections. ~Ryan Ramirez

Practical tips that could be applied immediately. ~Rashad

I landed a few internships just by using MMN to reach out to multiple people! ~Johnathan Fludd  

How I 3X'ed My Network In 10 Months

How do some people have a strong network when they aren’t from a big city while others live in the heart of all the action with little to no contacts?  

I’ll tell you what the secret is…  

I used to be super introverted and hated going to events to hang out “just because”. To be honest, I still don’t like it for the most part, but eventually I saw this as a problem when people I knew started getting connections and opportunities I never even knew about.  

My first thought was to start going to every event and be more outgoing…  

That was painful and it didn’t work fast enough.  

Eventually I found my own way, got connections and started popping up in places that people who spent all of their time "on the scene” couldn't access. People started to look at me as the plug.  

So what happened?...  

Two words.  

The internet.  

I became a networking sniper who could find people online and build relationships from there - skipping a lot of the shallow stuff. In 10 months, I went from barely knowing anyone to getting invites to exclusive events and conversations with names far larger than my own. 

To this day, I use these methods to speak with people all over the world in the music industry and other industries on a regular basis.  

I've hung out with Jermaine Dupri at the Porsche dealership racing Porsches around the test track. I've chopped it up with Andre Harrell on a 4 story yacht in Miami. 

As a matter of fact, my original conversation with Ryan Leslie (hit-producer, artist and tech entrepreneur) came directly from methods in the Master Music Networking guide. It's how I got a lot of the information that helped my YouTube page get to over 38k subscribers. 

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