I sat down with Ryan Leslie and he spoke on why you MUST network in music


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How I Took My Networking To The Next Level

How do some people have a strong network when they aren’t from a big city while others live in the heart of all the action with little to no contacts?  

I’ll tell you what the secret is…  

I used to be super introverted and hated going to events to hang out “just because”. To be honest, I still don’t like it for the most part, but eventually I saw this as a problem when people I knew started getting connections and opportunities I never even knew about.  

My first thought was to start going to every event and be more outgoing…  

That was painful and it didn’t work fast enough.  

Eventually I found my own way, got connections and started popping up in places that people who spent all of their time "on the scene” couldn't access. People started to look at me as the plug.  

So what happened?...  

Two words.  

The internet.  

I became a networking sniper who could find people online and build relationships from there - skipping a lot of the shallow stuff. In a year, I went from barely knowing anyone to getting invites to exclusive events and conversations with names far larger than my own. 

To this day, I use these methods to speak with people all over the world in the music industry and other industries on a regular basis.  

As a matter of fact, my original conversation with Ryan Leslie (hit-producer, artist and tech entrepreneur) came directly from methods in the Master Music Networking guide. It's how I got a lot of the information that helped my YouTube page get to over 35k subscribers.  

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The Finesse Guide To Music Industry Connections

Master Music Networking

The Finesse Guide To Music Industry Connections

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Introducing Master Music Networking 

Building high-quality connections is the single most impactful thing you can do in the music industry. Even if you don’t have money the right connections can help you raise it.  

There are many people who have grinded for years with little to show for it while others get big wins without much content, experience or an established fanbase. A quality connection could be your golden ticket. But how do you build connections?

What's Inside?

The 5 Finesses To Finding The Right People

Most people behind the scenes are there because they don’t want to be seen - at least not at the same level of visibility as artists.  

I cover the 5 methods I use to find managers, publishers, music promoters, potential sponsors and other people that can help further your career.  

I only ask that you don’t just start spamming the people you will have access to after reading this - especially if your product isn't ready. Don’t ruin relationships before you even have a fighting chance at success. If in doubt, seek an advisory relationship instead of pushing bad music or deals. 

Make Powerful Connections

One of the biggest problems I ran into early on was knowing how to actually get in touch with people.  

Finding people is one thing but actually getting in contact with them is another. Master Music Networking covers:

  • The best ways to slide in people’s DMs when networking
  • How to get contact information like personal emails in case you don't get responses on social media
  • How to improve the chances of your messages being noticed
  • How to increase reply rates 

Build Real Relationships

“What do I say once I speak with them?”  

This is the $1,000,000 question…  

It can be scary reaching out to someone without knowing what to say, especially if they are highly accomplished. I remember taking several days to send two short sentences that a first-grader could have written.  

Eventually, I figured out what to say. Master Music Networking covers approaches that will help you quickly write messages that minimize bad impressions and best position you to build a relationship.  

The X Factor

  • Creative strategies and tactics that have been proven to work!
  • Fastest networking formula for producers to comeup
  • Steps that can be taken to immediately increase network
  • Using new contacts to build your industry brand and visibility  

Networking Offline

You can design and create the best net in the ocean, but if you’re not near the fish, you’ll never catch a thing. The same goes for your landing pages. If your landing page doesn’t have traffic, it doesn’t have leads. And no leads, means no sales. We’ll discuss no-nonsense methods you can use to day to get more, and better, eyes on your pages.


  • Section review videos and insights
  • Websites and tools to use when networking
  • Video tutorials to finding and connecting with the right people ($50 value)
  • Networking formulas to increase speed of success
  • Surprises to come!

You Might Be Wondering...

Who is this guide for? Master Music Networking has already helped artists, managers, DJs and other industry professionals make gamechanging connections. MMN is for anyone looking to level up their networking game - especially online.

How long will it take to get my first contacts? People have gotten in contact and even had personal meetings with highly desireable contacts within the first week they started. However, how each contact scenario will vary. I have personally taken months to get to some people. 

Am I guaranteed huge contacts? Nope. If anyone guarantees that they are probably lying. However, you will definitley improve your ability to create your own contacts from scratch, no matter who you're reaching out to. 

Who even made this guide? BrandMan Sean is the lead author. You can get plenty of free insights from him on YouTube. BrandMan wrote this with help from established managers, PR agents and artists as well as people who work at companies like Spotify. Additional insights come from producers such as Justin "Henny" Henderson and Murdabeatz.